1. ribbonsonmyfingers said: What are the chances of talking with the folks at Invelos and working something out? They have far and away the best catalogue of disks and anally retentive users, but no Mac app.

    Hi Stuart, thanks for getting in touch. Invelos have a really comprehensive catalogue.

    We’ll likely be concentrating on the web rather than a native version for the time being, or until the benefits of wrapping Filums as a native app outweigh the benefits of sticking to the web. Having access to device hardware would be great, as would the potential to have a significantly larger database installed locally, so we’ll see. Did I mention we’re not Cocoa developers? :)

  2. Introducing Filums

    Filums is a web app for cataloguing your film collection. If, like us, you struggle to keep track of the films you own, or have seen, or have lent to your friends, it might come in handy.

    We actually started working on Filums as an experiment more than two years ago (always be shipping, right?) but have spent far too long tinkering never been happy enough with it even as a beta, until now. Turns out some of this stuff is quite challenging.

    You’re no salesman, but I could use this. How do I get an account?

    Leave your email address with us at filums.com. We’re in private beta right now, but we’ve started emailing out invitations in frequent small batches.

    So, it’s a way to keep track of my films? Sounds like a mobile app to me. Or at least something that should play nicely in a mobile browser.

    When we kicked off the development of Filums, we weren’t focussing on a mobile experience. But crafting a better one is something we’d love to do. With the amount of data and scripting in the app at the moment, throwing a few media queries in to adapt layouts alone isn’t going to result in anywhere near “good enough”. But we do have ideas for how to best tackle that particular project, and we’re really keen to do so.

    You do know people don’t buy DVDs any more, right?

    An astute observation. Although we still lend out DVDs, Blu-Rays and the like to friends (and forget who we’ve lent them to), we know that’s not the case with everyone.  You don’t need to own films to add them to your Filums library — you might only use Filums to catalogue films you’ve seen, or even films that you haven’t seen at all yet, but want to (use your Wishlist for this). When you do add films you own, you can select the format(s) you own them in. And yes, there’s an ‘Other’ option for all your crazy w4r3z.

    I can’t find the film I want to add to my library. Explain yourself.

    We have a big ol’ database of films, but we don’t have every single film in existence. Please, let us know which films you aren’t able to add via the ‘Feedback’ button in the app and we’ll do our best to help.

    I can’t share my film library with other people. Why would you deny me this most basic of human rights?

    In this climate of sharing and validation, it might surprise you that we’ve always thought of your Filums library as quite a personal thing. We’re not saying we won’t build more social elements into it (we will), but we’d like to be clear about this up-front. If you’d rather broadcast your film watching or reviewing activity, give Letterboxd a shot. It’s great.

    I’ve found a bug! What do I do?

    Filums is an experiment. As with most experiments, unexpected things can happen. If you find a bug, please report it, so we can squash it. There’s a ‘Report a bug’ button in the footer of the app. Hit that and write as full a description as you can of what you were doing, and what you expected to happen. Thanks.

    I can’t use Filums without [insert essential feature]!

    If you have any kind of feedback at all, including feature requests, let us know via the ‘Feedback’ button in the app footer. We read ‘em all. Good and bad, reasonable and unreasonable.

    Who’s behind this?

    Steven Easton (making things work) and Robbie Manson (making things look like they work). It was Steve’s idea, but Robbie is pushy and demanded involvement.

    Where are you going? I have more questions!

    No problem. Grab us on Twitter, or ask us a question right here.


    Steve & Robbie

    Token ‘Did you know?’ bit: Did you know you can add films to your library without your mouse? Tab into the ‘Add Films’ box and begin typing the name of the film you want to add. Use your up and down arrow keys to highlight your film from the search results, then hit Return. That’s it. Tabbing back into the ‘Add Films’ box and hitting Delete will take your back to all of your films.